CWONDR, another Morse/CW project // 18-7-14

In the past years, I've been asked less and less what I'd wish for birthday (coming soon), probably because I've always replied "nothing I can think of" in recent years. This has changed, but nobody can give me what I wish for, because it does not exist, AFAIK.

I want a low-power, pocket-sized CW transceiver for the 430 MHz (70 cm) band, and I want it for all radio amateurs who love Morse code. It would be kind of CW fan's cellphone, except without cells, because it's meant for direct contacts of course. This must be possible, but it looks like nobody is selling it. Therefore I've decided to start my own project, clumsily named CWONDR as git repository. It's mainly just a wishlist, for now.

In addition, after years of hesitation (procrastination?) I finally managed to apply for membership in the Helvetia Telegraphy Club, in the hope of finding like-minded people, also for my other Morse project called AMBroS which is in state of infancy since about fifteen years. Yeah, what a shame!

I guess I'm starting to be old enough to sense the looming end of my presence on Earth, but if this fear finally gets me moving my a.. it's welcome! ^-^