Reconsidering Preparedness // 18-6-13

I've decided to abandon the story I began several weeks ago where I imagined what would happen during a prolonged blackout. Not that it wouldn't matter, au contraire! I cannot find time now for fiction, though, and so I want to focus on planning and preparing during the few moments I can spend every now and then on this topic.

Therefore I have started again working on my lists of possible scenarios and procedures, for myself and my family. So far the most difficult part seems to find the right criteria for decisionmaking.

If one assumes the authorities know best what to do and can also communicate it, it would be easy, because others will decide then; but I actually doubt they will always order the right actions in case of large scale issues/disasters, and so it seems prudent to set additional decision points, e.g when to "bug in" or "bug out". Working on it...