Bellybugs — Parent's Pleasures // 18-4-8

Note: slightly unpleasant stuff ahead!

Today we celebrated a rather important event in my family, which kept us busy since before Easter. That and lots of work at my job caused my recent absence from here.

Now I'm sitting next to my son of five years, who at times is sleeping, but about every quarter of an hour, I'm holding him while he's forced to empty his already empty stomach. It's exhausting for everybody, and not much of a relaxing night. Fortunately, he's taking it much easier than his older brother, who feels sick whenever we're just talking about the subject.

Life sucks every now and then, but I suppose that's for keeping balance: the celebration went really well, and everybody liked it a lot!

Well, he now managed to sleep during almost three hours. And in the meantime, I noticed sparcipx' post about similar experiences. Hey there, brother in arms.