resilience, alertswiss // 18-2-9

Only two days ago, I discovered the Swiss government's website about preparedness. I didn't know it existed, and I am happy to see that there is some "official prepping mindset" active!

I installed their app to have the stuff offline available, although I won't use it to fill in my data: I prefer such information in my own (text and Git controlled) systems.

Glad to see the phlogosphere again working in the old sense! However, I will also (like auzymoto) continue to work on my own ideas to keep track of phlog activity. I still hope to find some time for working on it this week-end. But I'm also quite busy with family affairs, so we'll see...

My older son will follow some Olympics activities: he's playing curling since half a year, and there's a Swiss team participating in Korea. It's nice when your kids reach the age where they become the family experts in some respect! ::-::