plogging (in) the plogosphere // 18-2-7

As a lot of other people, I mourn the old arrangement of phlogs on phlogosphere/ which was according to last update of entries, while the current one is following the alphabetical order of user names. (This seems rather useless, if you want to stay up to date; in addition, on SDF you can easily get to someone's gopherhole if you know their login name, and the latter you can find out by ::finger:: if you only know their name.)

However, I agree with [solderpunk)( gopher:// ) that this will force the gophersphere to find more reliable means to keep connected.

There are possible solutions like the bongusta aggregator, or scripts like moku pona by alexschroeder and auzymoto's log, which all try to keep track of recent phlog updates.

Another train of thoughts goes towards adding similar functionalities into gopher clients as auyzmoto discussed. I'm also thinking about implementing this in my nago shell script "toy client".

It's making me happy to see all that creativity and care pouring into gopher!