Inter-Phlog Communication, Conference and Gopher

To daphne:

You realise I'm reading this, right? :p

You realise I expected you to read it, right? ^-^

And yes, I agree with your opinion about the charm of phlogosphere being people daring to also show darker thoughts and aspects of life!

It definitely feels more real than other parts of the Intarnets, where selling Trumps saying. (Pardon the pun.)

Last year, I agreed on being chairman for a conference held coming June at my workplace. I'm representing our lab at a professional organization promoting academia-business collaborations concerning micro- and nanotechnology. It's full of (at least domestically) big names in the domain, and I'm feeling quite small among them, but there is a saying you should always try to be around people better and bigger than yourself, if you want to improve. So I'm running this experiment, so to say...

The conference website is running on Wordpress, an interactive app will be available, and we're considering using a Twitter handle for announcements. All stuff I personally dislike, but if you're providing services, you have to cater to your client's requirements, I guess.

Of course I was thinking about how cool it would be to have the information "gopherized," but I'm hesitating because Gopher is exotic. But still, it would be nice if I could find a cheap way (from the workload viewpoint) to set up a Gopher mirror of the website's content and convince my colleagues to give it a try.