gophertility: inspiration by simplicity

.. or some barely related short thoughts

It is certainly thanks to Gopher that I have been writing more often recently! Somehow this community is much more inspiring than anything web-related I have tried — maybe except for Literotica, but no steamy talk here, m'kay?

I am happy to see continued growth here. Recently, I discovered new kids on the block jebug29's and auzymoto's. So many different but thoughtful people out there — thanks for sharing your stories, viewpoints and ideas!

User tomasino is playing with some formatting ideas for texts, in short: begin a new line for every sentence, sometimes also for partial sentences.

Funny: while reading his text which is formatted accordingly, I thought "hey, looks like a poem" about two lines before he observed just that as well!

I am mostly following these rules as well, for three reasons: it's indeed useful with line-based diffing tools (like in git), it's easy on my eyes, but in addition good for working in ed, which happens to be my secret lover among the editors (while I'm married to vi, ed's younger sister).

As my plog suite currently creates the text/gopher version of my plog entries from the HTML version (using lynx), which in turn is generated from the markdown source, the line structure of the latter is not visible in the published version. So you just have to believe me. The markdown source might actually be better for consumption via Gopher than the formatted HTML, but I currently don't have time to modify my plog suite accordingly.

So I am more than fine with this way of formatting: go ahead, tomasino!

I'm still thinking about the idea of automatics syncing of gopherspaces, but other than looking into IPFS and camlistore/perkeep, I did not find the time to advance in any way. Fortunately SDF again runs smoothly, as far as I can tell.