Phlogs, link collection, work-related gopher

I beg your pardon, but this is another post of rather unordered thoughts.

While surfing (gophing? gurphing? phlogging?) the PHLOGOSPHERE, I noticed several interesting phlogs which were listed as having been updated weeks ago, but in fact they had entries only some days old. Looks like quite a number of people are active but not using SDF's phlog command. I wished there was a daily cronjob bumping up all personal gopherspaces where changes occurred!

I must admit, gopherspace has become really interesting; and as I'm spending more and more time here, I'll have less and less time for the intarwebz. No loss, for sure!

I am thinking about ways of putting my personal gopher link list — actually my local gophermap while using nago — directly online in my gopherhole, but I'm currently too lazy for installing ssh pubkeys on all my equipment for setting up git push to keep synchronisation. And in addition I'll need a cronjob for checking out changes into my SDF gopherhole.

Some days ago, I installed Gophernicus on a small OpenBSD box I use at work for monitoring purposes. I'll try to add some work-related stuff that's not sensitive, for a professional aspect in gopherspace (and as long as there are no security issues). However, I'd be highly astonished and pleased if ever somebody would access it for professional reasons... But let's keep idealistic!